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Magnificent Gala of Folk Dance Festival

International Folk Dance Festival, organized by Denizli Municipality for the 12th time, ended with a magnificent gala. Dance shows and all performances were breathtaking.
Festival Gala was held at Ziya Tıkıroğlu Open Air Theatre. All dance groups fascinated the audience with their dance shows.
Abdülkadir Demir Denizli Governor, Mayor Osman Zolan, Nİlgün Ök, Şamil Çınar deputy mayors were among the audience. Thousand people flocked in Open Air Theatre to watch the premiere of the festival. Dance groups from Kazakhstan, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Kyrgyzstan, Netherlands, TRNC and Denizli Municipality's PAHOY Dance Group participated in the Gala. The audience applauded the dancers for a long time. Governor Demir and Mayor Zolan presented plaques to representatives of dance groups. Mayor Zolan stated that this festival provides cross-cultural fusion of different countries. Festival has a function of promoting the city image and has plays important role for the publicity of our city. Our purpose is to contribute to the development of the intercultural communication. I thank all the dance groups for the participation in the festival.’
Denizli Governor stated that International Festivals play great role in relations between countries. 'Diplomatic meetings between countries are limited with senior management. However, festivals are conducive to the formation of friendship and fraternities. Each guest of the festival became our friend and brother. I hope that this friendship and fraternities will continue to increase.
The performance of PAHOY Dance Group was impressive. The story about Ümmü Girl, who drowned when passed over the river, has been demonstrated dramatically.

In the meantime, dance groups, consisting of local and foreign dancers, demonstrated the shave of groom before the wedding and preparation of bride to the wedding. This performance has added a different color to the festival.

At the end of the festival all groups presented Harmandalı Dance. This dance was a big hit of all viewers.

During the festival Netherlands Group received the most attention. Energetic dances and performance on the stage fascinated audience. After performance, they impressed all viewers by opening the Turkish Flag.

12th International Folk Dance Festival will end with dance group’s performances at Adalet Park and Çınar Square on 30 June 2012 / Saturday.

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