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The first day of the Festival was breathtaking

United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Traditional Sports Festival has begun. Performance of Cirit team was breathtaking.
Competition between Erzurum and Sivas Equestrian Clubs was quite contentious. Sivas team won the competition.
Citizens and students showed great interest in traditional sports. In addition to Cirit Game, Sumo Wrestling, sleigh will be held until 14 October.
Abdülkadir Demir Denizli Governor, Mayor Osman Zolan, 11th Motorized Infantry Brigade Commander Brigadier General Memduh Hakbilen, Zeki Bulut Denizli Chief of Police, citizens and many students attended the Traditional Sports Festival. Mayor Zolan: 'Denizli deserved this festival. We have tried to do our best for our city. I would like to thank everyone, who supported in during this process. This festival brought together many sportsmen from around the world. Our aim is to introduce Denizli to the world and to contribute in learning of traditional sports by children and new generation.'
Abdülkadir Demir stated that these sports are the sport games of different civilizations and this organization is the first in Turkey.

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