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Festival Continues with Great Enthusiasm

Traditional Sports Festival continues in full swing.
The 2nd day of festival was continued with competitions. During the Cirit Turkey Championship, Erzurum Equestrian Sports Club, Erzurum Raiders Sports Club, Sivas Equestrian Sports Club and Uşak Equestrian Sports Club struggled in order to become the Cirit Turkey Champion. After Cirit Competition, equestrian sports demonstrations took place. Shows were acclaimed by audience.
After competitions and demonstrations at Denizli Municipality's Spor Toto Sports Complex, cortege walk was organized. Cortege began with placing a wreath to Atatürk Monument in front of Denizli Governorship. Şamil Çınar deputy mayor and Abdullah Acar Assistant Governor laid a wreath to Ataturk Monument. During the cortege walk, Equestrian Sports Clubs have attracted the great attention. Hundreds of people cheered the cortege. After the cortege walk, sportsmen presented shows at Çınar Square.
Sezai Günalp Deputy Mayor of Denizli Municipality: 'In very short time Denizli will become the Metropolitan City. The Metropolitan City requires thinking great. United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Traditional Sports Festival is one of those great thinking. After that, we will organize this festival every year.'
Abdullah Acar thanked everyone, who contributed in organization of this festival.

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