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Denizli has not seen such a festival

The 3rd day program of Traditional Sports Festival was breathtaking. The strongman show and sumo wrestling added a different color to the festival.
Thousands of people flocked to Spor Toto Sports Complex and witnessed the thrilling moments. Archers in traditional clothes were applauded by audience.
25 mounted-archers from different countries presented to viewers an unforgettable show. Mayor Osman Zolan also attended the festival program. Ambling horse-riding and Gökbörü competitions also were held on the 3rd day of the festival.
Strongmen show has created great excitement among citizens. 9 ton truck had to be pulled for 20 metres.
Prior to the last part of the festival, Mayor Zolan welcomed athletes from different countries in his office. Mayor thanked athletes for their participation in the festival. United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Traditional Sports Festival is extremely important for us. Our aim is to introduce Denizli to the world and to contribute in learning of traditional sports by children and new generation.
Later, Mayor Zolan and representatives of groups presented to each other a variety of gifts.
The other part of the festival was held in Çınar Square. Japanese sumo wrestlers in traditional clothes showed their sumo wrestling. Then strongmen have pulled the truck from Denizli Municipality to Denizli Governorship. Also 50 mounted cavalry and archers from different countries attended the cortege. The enthusiasm of the festival will continue until the end of the week.

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