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Turkish Vision Music Festival will be held in summer

After a year break, Turkish Vision Music Festival will be held again in Denizli. Festival is organized with the collaboration of Denizli Governorship, Denizli Municipality and TRT.
Mayor Zolan welcomed in his office Abdülkadir Demir Denizli Governor, Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Bağcı Rector of Pamukkale University, İbrahim Şahin TRT General Director, Şakir Özbek TRT İstanbul Manager, İsmail Güngör TRT Music Coordinator, Hikmet İnce TRT Member of the Board of Directors and Hüdai Yılmazkan TRT Tourism and Documentary Coordinator.
Şahin expressed his pleasure for hosting the festival in Denizli after a year break. 'We have already started our works. As in the past we are working hard for organization of colorful festival. The festival will be broadcasted live on TRT channel worldwide. Our aim is to introduce our language to the world. Festival has plays important role for the publicity of our city.
Mayor Zolan expressed his pleasure with the organization festival in Denizli. I want to thank all members of group for their contribution to the development of Turkish Language. We want to host festival groups in the best way and to make them a voluntary ambassador of Denizli. We are waiting all citizens to the festival.'
Abdülkadir Demir stated that Denizli is the city of 'firsts' and is an example in Turkey.
Osman Zolan presented to İbrahim Şahin the fountain nightingale and home textile product. In turn, Şahin has presented to Mayor the CD, which contains the promotional documentaries about Denizli ever made by TRT.

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