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You are invited to participate in the Turkish World Nowruz Festival

Turkish World Nowruz Festival, which describes the arrival of spring, will be celebrated in Denizli with enthusiasm.
Mayor Zolan invites all citizens to attend in the event. Nowruz Festival has plays important role for the publicity of Denizli. We're all together will celebrate the arrival of spring.
Denizli Municipality organizes festival in collaboration of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, International Organization of Turkish Culture and Turkish World Municipalities Association. Groups from Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iraqi Turkmens, Gagauzia (Republic of Moldova), Kazakhstan and Chuvashia will participate in the celebration program, which will be held on 24 March 2012 / Sunday at 1.00 pm at Adalet Park.
Mayor Zolan: 'Many nations gave their own national motifs to Nowruz; people have enriched this day. Nowruz is a symbol of goodness and light. Nowruz brings the joy of life, peace and tranquility. Nowruz is the national holiday, extending from Middle Asia to the Balkans. I believe that this event will contribute to get to know each other. To this day we have organized many national and international festivals such as International Folk Dance Festival, Turkish Vision International Music Festival, Denizli Glass Festival, Merkez Efendi Traditional Medicine Festival, Aegean Minstrels Feast, International Amateur Theatre Festival and United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Traditional Sports Festival. The purpose of this organizations is to contribute to the cultural and artistic life of the city and to introduce Denizli to the world.
The arrival of spring will be celebrated with Nowruz fire, tasting of traditional meals, forging and jumping over the newroz fire. Approximately 100 artists from different countries will add color to the festival with dance and music performances. This event will remind once again the importance of of such values as love, peace and brotherhood for all humanity. We are looking forward all citizens to this wonderful organization.

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