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Merkezefendi Traditional Medicine Festival Begins

Merkezefendi Traditional Medicine Festival, organized in cooperation with Denizli and Zeytinburnu Municipalities and supported by Pamukkale University and Denizli State Hospital begins on May 3.
Within the festival, Denizli's artist Efe and artists of Denizli Municipal Conservatory Hakan Eyiden and Yeşim Dağlı will give concert on 3 May 2013 / Friday at Çınar Square. During the festival, which will be held in Çatalçeşme Theatre Room and its garden, Health Department of Denizli Municipality will offer the free public health screening.
Exhibition of herbal products and conferences will be organized during the festival. Parks and Gardens Department will present basil to all participants of festival and mesir paste will be distributed to citizens.
About 10 scientists, faculty members in various universities in Turkey will share their knowledge about healing plants.
Mayor Osman Zolan gave information about the 3rd Traditional Medicine Festival.
'Merkezefendi was born and completed primary school in Denizli, went to Bursa and İstanbul. Then he served in Manisa. Merkezefendi created one of the most effective drugs known as mesir paste. Merkezefendi Medicine Days will begin in Denizli and will be continued in Zeytinburnu. Our purpose is to introduce the genius of medical science of that period to all generations. Accordingly, he invites everyone to attend the festival.'

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