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The Festival Excitement Continues

Festival’s enthusiasm continues. 18 theater groups show their performances in different places every day.
Festival’s enthusiasm continues. 18 theater groups show their performances in different places every day.
Some theater groups as Comedia Dell’arte Dell'arte Oyunculuğu, Karman Theater, Netherland St Turkse Theater, Theater Hedef, 18 Mart University's Department of Performing and Fine Arts, Denizli Municipality's City Theater, Karadeniz Ereğli Art Institution, Yenierenköy Municipality's Esprin Karpaz Theater, Turkish Culture and Art Association's Aziz Buş Theater and Young Denizli Theater Club staged their plays. The festival also includes children's plays in order to increase the interest in the arts.
Theatre Group of Chamber of Architects, Azerbaijan State Theater, Sui Generis, Studio Art Theater, Gizli Saklı (Hidden Secret) Theater, upport for Modern Life Association Güneş Theater (Sun Theater), Arka Mahalle Kumpanyası and Denizli Municipality's City Theater will stage theater plays until May 19.
Mayor Zolan invited citizens to watch plays. Our goal is to succeed in every area. We show, how we successful in field of culture. We will find ourselves successfull if we be able to make our guests the Denizli's voluntary envoy.

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