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Denizli Meet All The Colors Of The World

International Folk Dance Festival, organized by the Municipality of Denizli begins. This year, will take place the 13th festival where are participating 500 dancers from 15 countries. The Mayor of Denizli Municipality voicing that cultures from all of the world continents meet in Denizli, ''Our aim is bringing together in Denizli the headlights colors of the world to contribute to universal piece'', he said.

This Year the 13th edition of International Folk Dance Festival organized by Denizli Municipality will be held from June 24th to June 29th. At the press conference performed before the festival, Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan, ''Different cultures will meet in Denizli. The world' s colors will come together for world peace'', he said.

At the press conference organized at Councillor Hall of Denizli Municipality, providing information about the festival, Mayor Zolan said at the festival will participate Uzbekistan, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Gambia, India, Moldova, Adjara, Romania, Serbia, Cyprus, Slovakia, Thailand, Jordan, Ukraine and the host PAHOY Denizli Municipality Folk Dance Group, a total of 15 countries with 500 dancers.

Bringing together the cultures of the different countries of the folk dances for the appreciation of Denizli' s art lovers Mayor Zolan expressed ''Festival will begin on Monday, June 24th ,2013 at 18:30 in front of Denizli Governorship from where the cortege walk will continue until in front of Denizli Municipality. Festival will hold demonstrations in Çınar Square, İncilipınar Park, Justice Park, Mükerrem-Mehmet Eke Secondary School, Ziya Tıkıroğlu Arts Centre and for the first time this year, Denizli as a Metropolitan, the demonstrations will be hold in the surrounding counties as Honaz, Buldan, Acipayam, Tavas, and Çivril. I hope festival will be successful. We gathering the colors and cultural festival in Denizli. We'll pass on our own culture with Denizli' s future guests. We will introduce our city and our country. We'll do from our guests a cultural ambassador. We are glad to bring here together the colors of the world continents. Our goal here is by providing cultural exchange to contribute to world peace. We'll be happy to welcome our guests in Denizli. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the festival and I'm inviting Denizli's citizens to enjoy the festival'', he said.

The Gala of the festival held from June 24th to 29th  will take place at Ziya Tıkıroğlu Open Air Theatre on Saturday, on June 29th , 2013 Time: 21:00. International Folk Dance Festival organized by Denizli Municipality until today approximately 2,800 dancers from 40 different countries enlivened the festival.

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