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This Summer 10 Thousand Children Will Make Sports

Osman Zolan Mayor of Denizli participated in the festival for promoting free sports courses and summer schools organized by Denizli Municipality and Denizli Municipality Sports which hold in Justice Park this weekend. Participating with children and teenagers together with their families in sports activities of the festival Mayor Zolan, ''Like every year, during this too thousands of teenagers, our children and their families will can make sports for free" he said.

In this weekend in the Justice Park was held the promotional festival for free sports courses and summer schools. Together with teenagers, children and their families participated in the fair, Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan visited the festival area, too. Mayor Zolan, participating in sporting activities spent a different day. Denizli Municipality and Denizli Municipality Sports for promoting the 21st branches opened free courses organized this festival where the Mayor Zolan participated at demonstrations, chatted with the participants at the festival and took a plenty of photos with teenagers and children from festival as souvenir.

For everyone who says ''I want to do sports'' we, as Denizli Municipality are making all the possibilities to make it expressed Mayor Zolan, ''We are outside of the conventional understanding of civic, cultural, social and sports area and for the people from Denizli we have the power we are working with. As you know, each year we are organizing free summer sports schools. Keeping children away from bad habits doing sports in order to ensure a healthy living this year, too we will the chance to thousands of teenagers and children to do sports. This year, about 10 thousand teenagers, our children are welcome to participate in free courses from 21 branches. This is a seriously numeral. We want our children to be successful athletes in future. Saying ''Why successful athletes in the national and international levels not to come from Denizli too'' we give a special importance to sports schools. Summer courses studies will take place with 35 trainers. Courses will be given in 25 different neighborhood areas of the district. We have different places for sports according to different branches. In summer sports schools the most applied of the branches were swimming, table tennis, and riding. The swimming courses will perform at the pool next to TEV High School made by Denizli Municipality. Badminton along with table tennis courses will perform at Atatürk Sports Hall. Horse riding courses will take place on the Traditional Sports Games Area, the volleyball and Taekwando courses will held in the gym next to Atatürk Primary School. I recommend to all parents to send their children to courses in many branches will be opened," he said.

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