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Dancers Attending The Festival Shooks Denizli

Organized by Denizli Municipality for the 13th time this year International Folk Dance Festival continues with its enthusiasm in full swing. Dancers participating in the festival demonstrating in Justice Park, Çınar, Incilipınar Park, Mükerrem Mehmet Teke together with counties Honaz and Buldan gave to citizens an unforgettable night of the festival.
 Justice Park, was the scene for a memorable beauty of festival performances. Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan and Deputy Mayor of Denizli Municipality Şamil Çınar participating in the event shared with the citizens the enthusiasm of the festival.
Festival night began with the beautiful demonstrations of Slovakia. Slovak dancers, with their country-specific dance costumes and energetic dance added a different color of the night. Coming from the other end of the world, the Indian dancers captivated everyone with their moving dances. Dancers on stage for about 15 minutes impressed the citizens themselves with their performance.Coming from the other side of the ocean the Costa Rica Team with their Latin dance presented the audience of the festival the warmth of the country. The dancers from Gambia presented the traditional girl requesting from parents that passed on the audience. In the meantime, group members had their peak excitement of a dancer to eat a plate of sand. Coming from the land of the Middle East, from Jordan, as well as dancers dances clothes attracted attention. Dancers gave to Mayor Zolan a scarf with country flag. The Uzbek group, without using any guide, chatting in Turkish with us showed again how close they are to us. The group gave to Mayor Zolan a country-specific musical instrument as a gift.
In the last part of the night Denizli Mayor Osman Zolan, addressed to the citizens. Saving the world's people met the festival in Denizli, 'Dancers from different countries have the opportunity to meet us as well as promote their culture. All the dancers came to the festival will return to their countries as a voluntary ambassador of Denizli. Each of them will tell to people from their country about the warmly and well felling from here. We give importance of this feature of the Festival. I'd like to endless thank to dancers and to you, our valuable guests who met them with warmth. I'd like to invite all of you on Saturday at Gala's program.
In the main squares of Denizli, Çınar Square the festival demonstrations continues every day. Çınar Square lives the enthusiasm of the festival as the first day. Until the last demonstrations square was still filled by people watching dancers from different countries.
On the other hand, the shows from Mükerrem Mehmet Eke Middle School captivated the citizens. Dancers, with each figure was able to get a huge applause from the audience. Demonstrations lasted about 2 hours, has passed unforgettable beauty for a long time.
On the other hand for the first time this year, the festival held in the counties, too. Buldan and Honaz' s center felt the the enthusiasm of the festival. Dancers from the city center made changes and went to give demonstrations in the counties for citizens, too.
In the last day of the festival Gala programme will take place. On Saturday, June 29th at 21:00 will begin the gala program that will take place at Tıkıroğlu Open Air Theatre.

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