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Denizli Festival Saturate

Oranized by Denizli Municipality for the 13th time this year International Folk Dance Festival's enthusiasm continues in full swing. Dancers with their shows in different locations saturate citizens at the festival.
 Started with the cortege walk the festival during 4 days is the scene of colorful images in the city. At the festival, Uzbekistan, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Jordan, India, Moldova, Adjara, Romania, Serbia, Cyprus, Slovakia, Thailand, Tunisia, Ukraine and the host PAHOY Folk Dance Denizli Municipality continues to presen their beautiful shows in different parts of the city.
The festival' s enthusiasm continued in Çınar Square and Incilipınar Park. Meanwhile, the festival festivities from Buldan, Honaz, Tavas, Çivril and Acipayam are greatly appreciated. Groups, exhibit their dances every day in Çınar Square for thousands of citizens. The event organized at Incilipınar Park was followed by citizens from the park with enthusiasm. The first demonstrations from Incilipınar Park were took by Serbia, Ukraine, India and Cyprus teams who showcased dances on the stage. The teams impressed themselves the citizens with their own country's clothes and dances. Folk dances of different countries cultures were brought together and for Denizli's art lovers the presented festival present demonstrations both in the city center and as well as in some districts was completed.
The last day of the festival will take place at the gala program. Cumartesi on June 29th 2013 at 21:00 will begin the gala program that will take place at Tıkıroğlu Open Air Theatre.

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