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Enthusiasm of Turkish Vision Festival In Denizli

Organized this year for the fourth time in collaboration with Denizli Governorship, Denizli Municipality and TRT, at Turkish Vision International Turkish Music Festival artists from 21 countries sang Turkish songs for thousands of people and to millions of audience.

Thousands of people attended the spectacular gala concert held in the 1800 years old ancient theater of Pamukkale, one of UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage. Due to the live transmission of TRT television millions of viewers from around the world had the opportunity to meet Denizli as well as to watch live the concert.
Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan together withhis wife Berrin Zolan, AK Party Denizli Deputies Nihat Zeybekci and his wife Ayşen Zeybekci, Nurcan Dalbudak, Bilal Uçar, Denizli Governor Abdülkadir Demir, General Director of TRT Ibrahim Şahin together with a large number of protocol members attended the spectacular concert held in the ancient theatre of Pamukkale.
In this unforgettable music festival artists from 21 countries from the Balkans and Central Asia sang Turkish songs. Before the concert Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan addressed to thousands of people and millions of audience. Mayor Zolan saying that in terms of promotion of both national and international festivals is given a different importance, ''Our goal is that Turkish language to become a common language all around the world. I believe that tonight we will also contribute to the development of intercultural dialogue. With this festival we brought together in Denizli artists from many countries around the world. We have been focusing in this organization with all Denizli's heart. Thank you to everyone involved in this project, ''he said.
AK Party Denizli Deputy Nihat Zeybekci made a speech on behalf of the deputies participating in the program. Stating that Turkish Vision International Turkish Music Festival is a great project and has put a major contribution to the progress of our goals Deputy Zeybekci said: ''In many regions in the world, Turkey is expected to be a model. We'll respond to these demands from Central Asia, Eurasia, Australia and many other parts of the world. Turkish Vision International Turkish Music Festival has a great importance in this way. We also come out with a heritage and we will continue to develop and to respond to the expectations, "he said.
General Director of TRT Ibrahim Şahin said: '' The festival was an unique organization. To realize a music organization in an antic theatre was a great idea of TRT. Our gest from Albania said it also. We are very proud of it. We aimed to engage the Turkish-speaking countries. In order to promote and spread of Turkish artists from 21 countries performed
Turkish popular music. This also extremely important for the promotion od our city. Turkish Vision International Turkish Music Festival to be held in an antic theatre is also very important. I thank you all of you who contributed to this organization.
Denizli Governor Abdulkadir Demir expressing the organization's exciting, ''I do not even imagine it would be such a great night. There were many programs organized in this antic theatre. I'm sure that this one was the most perfect. The world needs to know this beautiful antic theatre. I believe this music festival is doing a huge task to the promotion of Hierapolis Theatre, "he said.

After the speeches the beautiful and unforgettable concert took place. At the festival TRT Youth Folk Dance Ensemble has presented a spectacular show. The Turkish presentation was made by the successful and well-known Murat Basoglu and the English presentation was made by Ayşe Süberker. The enthusiasm and excitement of the concert lasted about 3 hours. Meanwhile, in many countries of the the world Turkish Vision International Turkish Music Festival was broadcast live and the tape will be available in many countries in the coming days.

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