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Turkey's Largest Children's Festival Continues

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality organizes Turkey's largest children's festival for the children's happiness. Participating together with children in the festival's activities, Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan said that this is Turkey's largest children's festival organization.
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, organizer of Turkey's largest children's festival, offers an amazing day to three thousand children of primary school everyday. Due to this festival carried out this year on Akkonak Dr.Samim Gök Synthetic Football Field in the center of the city and in all districts of Denizli, 60 thousand children will be entertained. This year, together with Denizli's becoming metropolitan, Children's Festival will be carried out in all Denizli's districts. After the festival's opening was held in Acıpayam district, this time Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan has fun with the children on Akkonak Samim Gök Synthetic Turf Field.
60 thousand children will be entertained
Interacting with children on the festival field and being very loved by children, Mayor Zolan said that this festival held for 3 years is the largest festival in Turkey dedicated specifically for children. Spending a great time with children, Mayor Zolan, ''Children are is our everything. Our children are the future of this country and Denizli. We organized many traditional games and entertainment activities for children to spend their energy in a healthy and pleasant way together with their friends. In order to experience our children the joy of living, many beauties about friendship and team spirit, we have started in Denizli the Turkey's Largest Children's Festival, ''he said.
Turkey's largest children's festival organization
Saying that Turkey's largest children's festival will be carried out this year in the city center, as well as in all Denizli's districts, Mayor Zolan continued as follows: ''Today, we are caring out the children's festival not only in the center of Denizli, but also in all our districts. As I said at the beginning, our children are our everything. We need to provide our children the right and beautiful as an option. We are proud of achieving this. We started this festival again this year. With each passing year we are increasing games for our children. Looking our children we are seeing them cheerful and happy. "

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