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Now Is Theatre Time

Continued without interruption since 1984, the International Amateur Theatre Festival organized by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has begun. Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan said that in 30 years Denizli hosted over 10 thousand thespian, exhibited 600 theatre plays and during the festivals met around 300 people with theatre.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality International Amateur Theatre Festival Is 30 Years Old

This year the 30th International Amateur Theatre Festival organized by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has begun. Introductory meeting of the festival was done by the Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan where he expressed the happiness for organizing the 30th edition of International Amateur Theatre Festival.

Zolan, ''For 30 years we have organized this festival aiming to perpetuate amateur spirit, art and culture, the art of theater to our youth and people in Denizli. Theatre is life itself. It exhibits moments of life and transfers messages in a very effective way, ''he said. Pointing out that theatre stages people's emotions and lives, Mayor Zolan, ''We'll work to implement more theatre projects in Denizli. For one week theater will be in Denizli. I would like to invite all citizens to come and watch for free these theatre plays. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality offers the opportunity to our people to watch artists from our country and abroad. Like every year this year the festival hosts numerous workshops on various topics,''he said.

Culture and art investments

This year at the festival are participating 18 different groups from our country and abroad, from Iran, Azerbaijan, Morocco, Tunisia and the Netherlands. Theatre groups participating at the festival will have representations of their theatre plays in Tavas, Acıpayam and Sarayköy.

Stating that they have invested a lot in the field of culture and art, Mayor Zolan said: ''Until today our biggest problem was the halls. In order to improve the cultural and artistic activities we have initiated the construction of Nihat Zeybekci Cultural and Congress Centre. With the completion of this very large project, in about one year, we'll obtain very important facilities. We'll work to to finish it until the next year festival. We have also started the construction of a new cinema project. Hopefully it will be completed in a short time. I hope next year we'll inaugurate these both beautiful projects. ''

The first theatre play took a great acclaim

The festival's first theatre play was presented a day ago at Hasan Kasapoğlu Cultural Arts Center of Pamukkale University taking a great acclaim of the audience. The theatre play Lysistrata (Lisistrat) prepared by the Istanbul University Drama and Acting Department was watched by Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan, Metropolitan Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Gökoğlan, Deputy President of Metropolitan Municipal Council Ali Değirmenci, Director of Cultural and Social Affairs Department Hüdaverdi Otaklı and many citizens.

Invited on the stage, Mayor Zolan, ''For 30 years we have continued this festival in order to increase the interest of our people in culture and art especially in theatre. Hopefully with this festival we'll continue to transmit to our future generations the art of theatre for many years. We'll continue our work to improve the interest in theater. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has implemented the project Young Denizli within the Young Denizli Theatre Club works. This theater club has trained many children and young people in theater arts. With all these projects theatre started to be known in Denizli, to be liked and to increase the people's interest in theatre. Denizli will meet with theatre this week. I would like to say welcome to our guests from abroad. I hope they will feel wonderful in Denizli during the festival. Thank you so much for this evening, ''he said.

The play which lasted about one hour took a great acclaim from the audience. Mayor Zolan congratulated the players one by one and the Artistic Director of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Theatre Ayşenil Şamlıoğlu giving her flowers and presented plaques.

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