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Türkçevizyon 2014 begins

"The 5th International Turkish Language Verbal Music Festival "( Türkçevizyon 2014) hosted by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality and organized in cooperation with Denizli Governorship and TRT will be held between September 10-13. 22 artists from 22 countries will perform in Denizli and events will be broadcast live from 8 countries. During the 4 days music festival 22 artists from 22 countries will take the stage and will delight audience with their songs. The gala night of the festival will be held in the Hierapolis Ancient Theater.

The introduction meeting of Türkçevizyon 2014 was held by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality which will host the festival in September. Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci, Denizli Governor Abdülkadir Demir, Denizli Deputies Bilal Uçar and Nurcan Dalbudak, Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan, TRT General Director İbrahim Şahin and invited guests attended the meeting held in the Çamlık Office. Stating that even if Türkçevizyon resemble Eurovision, Türkçevizyon is a festival, TRT General Director İbrahim Şahin, ''Our aim is to promote Turkish songs," he said. Şahin, ''In the previous years participants were singing a Turkish song. This year we have used a different concept. This year artists will sing one of their own songs in Turkish. Our aim is also to enrich Turkish language and to determine the artists to sing Turkish songs in their own country. Therefore we wanted to have in the festival professional artists, the best artists of their country, ''he said. Stating that the premiere night of the Festival will be broadcast live on TRT channels and also in other 8 countries, Şahin, ''Rafet El Roman will do the final of the festival. This festival is organized with the support of the Governor of Denizli, the Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality and the Promotion Fund of the Prime Ministry. I would like to thank our Economy Minister, Governor and the Metropolitan Municipality for their contributions, ''he said.

Mayor of Zola: "Turkey and the world will watch Denizli"

In the statement made after the meeting, Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan said: ''This festival is very important to us. This year we held the 5th edition of the festival with the participation of artists from 22 countries. Artists will sing their own songs in Turkish. This will have a great contribution to the introduction of both Denizli and our country because the festival will be broadcast live in 8 countries. By singing in Turkish language, artists will promote our culture and our language. Our aim is to solidify our country, our culture and our language.

On Saturday, September 13, Pamukkale entry will be free of charge starting at 4 pm

Türkçevizyon 2014 program

In order to promote and to spread our Turkish language, to contribute to the strengthening of friendship and cooperation of Turkish-speaking countries for the first time this year the festival will take place in districts. The festival will begin on September 10 at 21.00 in Delikliçınar Square with the participations of Azerbaijan, Austria, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Iraq, Kirkuk, Montenegro, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Republic of Gagauzia Autonomous Region, Uzbekistan, Romania, Russian Federation, Republic of Tatarstan, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Autonomous Republic of Crimea in Ukraine, Greece and Turkmenistan. In the same day and time the TRT artists will give a concert in Sarayköy. On September 11 and 12 at the same time the activities will be held at the Open Air Theatre, İncilipınar Park, Acıpayam and Civril. The festival's gala night will take place on Saturday, September 13 at 20:00 at the Ancient Theater Pamukkale. Rafet El Roman will represent Turkey in the premiere night.

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