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Türkçevizyon begins on September 10

The 5th ''International Turkish Language Verbal Music Festival "( Türkçevizyon 2014) hosted by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality and organized in cooperation with Denizli Governorship and TRT begins on September 10. The enthusiasm of the festival will begin with a parade and will continue with the program of Aegean Ezgiler in Delikliçınar Square. Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan invited all Denizli between September 10-13 to the festival program.

Hosted by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, with the participation of 22 artists from 22 countries, Türkçevizyon 2014 will begin with a parade on September 10 at 18:00. Launched in 2009 in order to promote Turkish culture and Turkish language, the 5th edition of Türkçevizyon will be held this year between September 10-13. The festival program will begin on September 10 with the parade cortege consisting of 22 artists from 22 countries. At 17.30, after visiting Denizli Governorship, groups will lay a wreath at Ataturk Monument and together with members of the protocol and accompanied by Denizli Municipality Band will participate in the parade cortege until Delikliçınar Square. After cortege the foreign guests will visit the Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan in his office. Türkçevizyon 2014 will begin with the first show in Delikliçınar Square at 21:00.

Free buses will get to Pamukkale

For the first time this year Denizli Metropolitan Municipality will bring Türkçevizyon in the districts. In this context, TRT artists will perform concerts every evening at 21:00 as follows: on September 10 in Sarayköy, on September 11 in Acıpayam, on September 12 in Çivril. In Denizli center the TRT artists will take the stage on September 11 at the Open Air Theatre and on September 12 in İncilipınar Park. The festival's gala night will take place on Saturday, September 13th at 20:00 at Pamukkale Ancient Theater. At the premiere night artists of all participant countries together with Rafet El Roman and Ezo will take the scene of the Ancient Theatre. On Saturday afternoon Denizli Metropolitan Municipality will provide free buses to bring people to Pamukkale. The free buses will depart from different points in Denizli as it follows: Çatalçeşme Theatre Hall, in front of KYK Campus, opposite the old Teachers House, Democracy Square, Albayrak Square and Yenişehir neighborhood. On the same day from 16.00 the entrance to Pamukkale will be free. For any other information you can visit the website www.turkcevizyon.denizli.bel.tr 

The world will watch Denizli

Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan said that they are happy and proud to experience the 5th edition of Türkçevizyon and pointed out the all the world will be watching Denizli. The premiere night will be broadcast live in 8 countries on TRT HD, TRT Music and TRT Avaz TV channels. Noting that 22 artists from 22 countries will attend this year's festival, Mayor Zolan, ''Like every year, this year the festival will introduce Denizli and our country to all the world. Due to this festival our beautiful Turkish language will be listened all over the world. We'll contribute to the development of intercultural dialogue. Millions of people will listen Turkish music. I'm sure, returned to their countries the artists will continue to sing Turkish songs, ''he said. Mayor Zolan invited all Denizli's people to the premiere night held on September 13th and to the festival program held on September 10th, 11th and 12th.

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