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Türkçevizyon continues in full swing

Hosted by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality and organized in cooperation with Denizli Governorship and TRT, the 5th edition of Türkçevizyon continued in the second day with concerts on the open air theater and in Acıpayam district. The program held by TRT artists and the guests countries' artists was broadcast live on TRT Avaz.

Starting on September 10 with a parade followed by a concert held in Delikliçınar Square, Türkçevizyon continued in the second day of the festival on Ziya Tıkıroğlu Open Air Theatre. TRT artists and the artists of countries participating in the festival took the stage with beautiful songs. Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan, Deputy Secretary General of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mustafa Gökoğlan and İbrahim Özsoy and the TRT Deputy General Manager Şenol Göka together with a large number of citizens watched the festival program coordinated by Ayfer Durak and broadcast live on TRT Avaz. Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan participated in the live program near the artists. Coming on stage Mayor Zolan, ''We want our beautiful Turkish to spread over the whole world as an universal language in music. We want to contribute at the highest level to the world peace and the cultural exchange, ''he said.

Free entry and buses to Pamukkale

Mayor Zolan, ''The festival program very beautiful so far. On Saturday evening the festival's gala night will be more beautiful, magnificent. I would like to invite all our citizens to come to Pamukkale Ancient Theatre to be witness of this magnificent event. Rafet El Roman and Ezo will sustain a concert in the final of the festival. Everyone will live a wonderful night. From there, we will call for peace and security to the whole world in Turkish. Hand in hand with the artists from 22 countries we'll promote the peace and security in the world. Highlighting that free entry and free buses to Pamukkale will be provided on the gala night, the host of the festival Ayfer Durak said: ''This place has no sea, but it has people with geat and deep hearts as the ocean.''

The enthusiasm of Türkçevizyon in Acıpayam

In the Türkçevizyon concert held in Acıpayam the TRT artist Şehmuz Esenkuş took the stage in Acıpayam Square. Mayor of Acıpayam Municipality, Hulusi Şevkan thanked to Mayor Zolan for this beautiful event. On the other hand the TRT artists Ali Çakar and Zeynep Cihan together with the artists Megi Laska form Albania, Nikos Michas from Greece, Gabriella Völgyesi from Hungary, Andi Banica from Romania, Stojne Nikolova from Macedonia, Teodara from Bulgaria, Sopho Khalvishi from Georgia, Albulena Jashari from Kosovo, Ilgız Shaihraziev from Tatarstan and Anita from Montenegro took the scene at the Ziya Tıkıroğlu Open Air Theatre.

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