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The world watched Denizli

Hosted by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality for the 5th time this year, the premiere night of Türkçevizyon was broadcast live in eight countries. During this night the Denizli's historical, natural and cultural values were promoted. Artists from 22 countries together with Rafet El Roman and Ezo have offered a memorable evening with their folk songs to all the audience.

??Hosted by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality and organized in cooperation with Denizli Governorship and TRT, the Gala night of the 5th edition of the International Turkish Verbal Music Festival (Türkçevizyon) was held at the Sports Hall of Pamukkale University (PAU). Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan, Deputy Governor İsmail Soykan, PAÜ Rector Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Bağcı, TRT General Manager Assistant Şenol Göka, Deputy Chairmen of Metropolitan Council Ali Değirmenci, Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Mustafa Ünal, Secretary General Deputies Mustafa Gökoğlan, İbrahim Özsoy, Director of Cultural and Social Affairs Department Hüdaverdi Otaklı, together with guests and many citizens attended the Premier night of the festival held with one day delay because of weather conditions and unfortunate events. Invited to make the opening speech for the live broadcast, Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan said that Türkçevizyon, organized for the 5th time by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with Denizli Governorship and TRT brings a large contribution to promotion of Turkey and Denizli in the world.

Thanks to Minister Zeybekci

Mayor Zolan said: ''I would like to thank the Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci for implementing the Türkçevizyon project in the period when he was mayor. Every year we have realized this festival with great enthusiasm. This year, because of weather conditions and unfortunate accidents experienced the premier night of Türkcevizyon couldn't be held. I wish the Economy Minister's wife Ayşen Zeybekci and Governor's wife Nurtaç Demir to get better soon. They left the hospital in the morning and are healthy. I also wish to get better soon to the guard who protected us and who get injured. I hope we won't live these king of accidents again. I hope this year Türkçevizyon will end here with a beautiful performance.''

They came on stage with Turkey's flags

Stating that Türkçevizyon wants to tell Turkish to the world in the universal language of music and to reinforce the brotherhood of the countries with the same culture and geography, Mayor Zolan said: ''We have started the Türkçevizyon project in order to make Turkish a more spoken language and to share our culture. I hope we will continue in this way and Türkçevizyon will continue to promote the historical, natural and cultural values of our country and will continue to strengthen the spiritual ties with our brother countries trough our universal language Turkish. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this successful event especially the TRT team and all our employees. '' After the speeches, the Montenegrin artist Anita Popovic and the artist from Iraq-Kirkuk Ahmet Duzlu wished to Ayşen Zeybekci and Nurtaç Demir to get better soon and offere flowers to Mayor Zolan. Beginning with the Turkish songs and folk songs of our guest artists, the colorful night continued with the concert of our famous artists Rafet El Roman and Ezo. At the end of the night all the artists came on stage with Turkish flags sending a message of peace to the world and offering a memorable night to citizens.

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