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The enthusiasm of Nevruz

Nevruz Festival, symbolizing the arrival of spring, was celebrated with enthusiasm by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. Denizli people enjoyed the activities organized on this day by jumping over the Nevruz fire and beating the iron.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has organized a series of activities for Nevruz Festival that symbolizes the arrival of spring. The celebrations held in the Lütfi Aegean Anatolian Teacher High School were attended by the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Ali Değirmenci, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Gökoğlan, guests from Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Iran, teachers and many students. In his speech here, Metropolitan Municipality Deputy President Değirmenci, ''Nevruz means the murmuring of nature, the gush of fountains, is the day when the earth is waking up from the hibernation and starts to become productive again. In fact, in our culture is an opportunity for the humanity to revival as a whole, to reconsider the human values. For years, in the Turkish-Islamic world Nevruz has become a symbol of the unity, brotherhood and friendship and every year it is an occasion to remember these thoughts again, ''he said.

They beat iron and jumped over the Nevruz fire

Pointing out that Nevruz Festival is celebrated for 3000 years, Değirmenci, "Nevruz Festival is celebrated in a vast geographical area from the East Turkestan to Balkans, from the Balkans to the Caucasus and up into Europe. Our duty is to experience the today's generations the beauty of this 3000 years of history heritage and more importantly, to keep this beautiful tradition alive for our future generations. Nevruz word has beautiful meanings such as renewal, rebirth, the precursor of spring. In the Turkish-Islamic tradition we have to keep alive and to protect these beautiful traditions to consolidate our friendship and brotherhood, ''he said. In the program dancers from the Central Asian Turkish communities exhibited their local dances and the singer artists sang songs that are specific to their regions. After the music and dance activities program continued with Nevruz fire where the Metropolitan Municipality Deputy President Değirmenci, Deputy General Secretary Gökoğlan and retinue jumped over the Nevruz fire, beat iron and broke eggs together.

Guests visited the Metropolitan


On the other hand, guests from Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Iran who participated in the activities organized by the metropolitan Municipality, visited the Metropolitan Municipality Deputy President Değirmenci. Deputy Secretary General Gökoğlan, Culture Minister of Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia, Moldova Vasili İvançuk and TÜRKSOY Representative Elchin Gafarli joined the visit.

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