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Turkey's largest children's festival in Denizli

Tens of thousands of children in Denizli have a lot of fun this year at the 5th Turkey's largest children's festival. Meeting with the children and playing with them various games, Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan said: ''We will continue to organize this kind of events to help our children to build friendships in the real world, not in the virtual one. ''

Turkey's most well-attended Children's Festival organized by the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continues. The festival started a few time ago in the Fairground of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. The everyday program is divided into two groups, in the morning and afternoon. Children are brought with buses from their schools to the festival place. Here, children accompanied by animators have fun and participate in the sack race, rope pulling and other traditional games competition together with their friends. In the festival which began in April and will continue until the end of May, children have the opportunity to have fun with their friends in an enjoyable environment.

Children are playing here traditional games

Mayor Zolan spoke as follows: ''Furthermore, with this festival children will have the opportunity to play traditional games. We want to take the children from in front of their computers and make them to play with their friends, to spend their energy in this nice environment. We will continue to organize this kind of events to help our children to build friendships in the real world, not in the virtual one. This event is the Turkey's largest children's festival. A total of 65 thousands of children will come here and will have fun. ''Stating that until today, the festival has accommodated a total of 35 thousand children, Mayor Zolan said: ''We have met here children with traditional games and with their friends. With these activities, our children will be happy to spend their time in a social environment together with their friends. ''

"We are also planning the future"

Mayor Zolan said: ''Our children are very happy and want to continue this festival. We, as the Metropolitan Municipality will continue to organize our traditional children's festival every year. I would like to thank all the school directors, teachers, and parents. Children will spend a very enjoyable time here until the evening. ''Stating that they have also planned the future, not only today, Mayor Zolan said: ''We want our children, our youth, our people to live in a beautiful and model Denizli in the future. Today Denizli is a beautiful city. Denizli has become a model city for other cities. 'We want our children to be proud to live in this city. We will continue to mobilize all kinds of opportunities for them. "

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