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Denizli Merkezefendi Traditional Medicine Days

Osman Zolan Mayor of Denizli Municipality stated that Denizli Merkezefendi Traditional Medicine Days will begin on Monday.
Medicine Days are organized in cooperation with Denizli and Zeytinburnu Municipalities and will be held from May 16 to 20.
Mayor Osman Zolan, Şamil Çınar deputy mayor, Assoc. Dr. Ali Çelik deputy dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Pamukkale University organized meeting and gave information about Traditional Medicine Days in the city hall. Merkezefendi was born and completed primary school in Denizli, went to Bursa and İstanbul. Then he served in Manisa. Merkezefendi created one of the most effective drugs known as mesir paste. Merkezefendi Medicine Days will begin in Denizli and will be continued in Zeytinburnu. Our purpose is to add Manisa Municipality in this organization. Our goal is to strengthen the values of our country.
Ali Çelik stated that they invited experts from Turkey and abroad. There are five participants from abroad. They are people, who conduct research in the area of medicinal plants. Also 9 participants from different universities of Turkey will take part in the medicine days. There are true and false information regarding the use of plants. Experts will shed light in these areas. We are carrying out scientific studies. We plan to organize Medicinal Plants Congress in the next year.

Denizli Traditional Medicine Days Program is as follow:


16 May, 2011 Monday - Çatalçeşme Theatre Room
10.20 am - Ottoman Talisman Seals - Opening of Haluk PERK Exhibition;
10.30 am - Opening Ceremony of Merkezefendi Traditional Medicine Days and mesir paste distribution
Assoc. Dr. Mehmet Yaşar ERTAŞ (faculty member of Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of History of Pamukkale University); Politics in the Ottoman Magnificent Century and an Erudite in the Science Center: Merkezefendi - Prof. Dr. M. Iqbal CHOUDHARY
2.30 pm - Prof. Dr. Münir ÖZTÜRK - Ethnobotany in Turkey; Prof. Dr. Zafer ISRAILLI - Traditional herbal treatment and the mechanizm in diabetes.
8.30 pm - Concert: Orhan HAKALMAZ, Folk Ensemble - Diyar Diyar Anadolu, Location: Çınar Square.

May 17, 2011 Tuesday - Çatalçeşme Theatre Room
10.30 am - Prof. Dr. Badiaa LYOUSSI - The famous traditional physicians in Maghreb countries; Prof. Dr. Gülendam TÜMEN - General survey of the herbal therapy.
2.30 pm - Prof. Dr. Athar ATA - Opportunities for producing drugs from medicinal plants used by indigenous people in Canada; Assoc. Dr. Ali ÇELİK - Denizli's plant richness and oppurtunities, offered to folk medicine; Dr. Mustafa YAŞAR - The clinical usage of herbal therapies and mechanism of action.
8.30 pm Concert: Denizli Municipal Concervatory's Turkish Folk Music Choir Concert. Venue: Municipal Art Center.

May 18, 2011 Wednesday - Çatalçeşme Theatre Room
10.30 am - Muhammed QAISER - Traditional treatments in Pakistan; Dr. Halil ELİTOK - Sufi conception of Merkezefendi.
2.30 pm Prof. Dr. Khan Bahadur MARWAT - Medicinal Plants of spring weeds; Assoc. Dr. Kudret GEZER - Medical Mushrooms.
8.30 pm Concert: Denizli Municipal Concervatory Turkish Folk Music Solo Concert. Venue: Ziya Tikıroğlu Open-Air Theatre.

May 20, 2011 Friday - Çatalçeşme Theatre Room
10.30 Şerif KUTLUDAĞ - View to Merkezefendi's conception on education; Nurettın AKSAKAL The importance of Merkezefendi and medicinal spring in Merkezefendi's Suffering Room (Çilehane).
NOTE: During Merkezefendi Festival, herbalists will open the stands and will treat people with herbal teas and sherbet at the garden of Çatalçeşme Theatre Room. Zeytinburnu Municipality will open promotional stand. Also step measurement, measurement of blood sugar, measurements of body fat and muscle ration will be made by Health Department of Denizli Municipality during the Medicine Days.

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