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Events organized by Women Assembly received great acclaim

Women Assembly of Denizli Municipality organized activities within International Women's Day. 5-day events were acclaimed by the audience.
Activities were held at Çatalçeşme Theatre Room. Aylin Aslan visually impaired psychologist of Malatya State Hospital gave seminar to women and disabled on the theme of 'Being Disabled Woman'. Aylin Aslan said that she lost her eyesight due to disease when she was 4 years old. But she promised herself that will continue to enjoy life and will never feel this lack. ‘I faced many difficulties. But despite all the difficulties, I believed that in the future I will a useful individual. I became psychologist. Disabled women are more disadvantaged than other women or visually impaired men. Because disabled women should struggle with many difficulties. Despite all these difficulties, if a woman will love life, she will continue to live as a strong woman’ Before seminar, Çamlık Primary School Folk Dance Group, consisting of disabled girls, presented the show. Choir of Women Assembly performed a beautiful songs for audience and their showed to people how talented they are in the field of music.
Sezai Günalp, Şamil Çınar deputy mayors with his wife Zeliyha Çınar attended the activity.
Barış Balcı Personal Development Expert gave the seminar on the subject of 'Positive Thinking Women'. The negative thinking is close to the negative result in the same extent.
Mevlana said: 'You become a rose garden if you think of a rose, you become a thorn patch if you think of a thorn'... Before this seminar, children presented to viewers ney and violin recital.
At the last day of activities, Psychologists Cengiz Türkmen and Arzu Kızıldağ gave seminar on 'Being a Woman'.

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