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June 5th - The World Environment Day

Within the framework of World Environment Day Denizli Municipality has organized various activities.
Within the framework of World Environment Day Denizli Municipality has organized various activities.
Within activities, Parks and Gardens Department, and Environmental Protection and Control Department of Denizli Municipality, educational institutions, various foundations, associations and organizations have opened stands at Çatalçeşme Theatre Room. Abdülkadir Demir Denizli Governor, Mayor Osman Zolan also visited stands. Mayor has distributed basils to citizens. The program was continued at Meeting Hall of Çatalçeşme Theatre Room.

Denizli is the cleanest city in Turkey
Mayor Zolan in his speech stated that as a result of a competition held 2 days ago, Denizli has been selected the Cleanest City in Turkey. Governor Demir and İbrahim Özsoy Provincial Director of Urban Development will receive award in İstanbul. Our country and of all the world must be clean as Denizli. Denizli Municipality is the model municipality with its waste water treatment plant. Fishes live in this water and it used as 1st class of agricultural irrigation water. By producing electricity from solid municipal waste Denizli Municipality has solved this problem and it provides an alternative way to produce electricity. We collect the garbage in our houses separately. Due to the air pollution in the city, even birds did not fly in Denizli, but with the arrival of natural gas Denizli, the environment became cleaner. We are the leader in many other projects related to environment.
Governor stated that the World Environment Day is the one of the most significant days of the year.
‘Every activity and study related to environment is very important for us. Environment is the trust that we received from our children. We must protect this trust and to leave to our future generations. I congratulate Mayor Zolan for such important studies in the field of environment.
Later, students of Primary School and Kindergarten presented program.
Governor and Mayor presented awards to winners of various competitions.

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