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Ramadan - The holy month has started

Denizli Municipality organized the Ramadan Festivals which will continue during the month of Ramadan.
Denizli Municipality organizes Ramadan activities every year. Municipality promotes the festivals as an attempt to revitalize the spirit of “old” Ramadan months. Thousands of people on the first day of Ramadan broke fast at the Ramadan tents. Approximately 5 000 people will continue to break fast at these tents during this month. Abdülkadir Demir Denizli Governor, Mayor Osman Zolan, Bilal Uçar Member of Parliament and Necdet Özer President of Chamber of Commerce participated in the evening meal on the first day of the month of Ramadan. Municipality also remembered citizens who are in transit, waiting to go to home and traveling by car will distribute evening meal packets for two thousand five hundred people every day.
Denizli Municipality everyday distributes sherbet in 8 different mosques of the city.

Mayor Zolan attended the Ramadan Festivals

After Terawih prayers mayor Osman Zolan conversed with citizens. Mayor Zolan also participated in the Ramadan activities. He congratulated all people with the month of Ramadan.
The place of Ramadan activities are İncilipınar and Adalet Parks. The Ramadan events were appreciated by citizens. Especially children participated in different activities and had a good time. Oğuzhan Janissary and Whirling Dervish show were applauded for a long time.
Ramadan activities at Adalet Park captivated audience. Denizli Municipality' Destan and Gülistan Team with it beautiful ballads and marches has added a different color to the concert. In the final of the night, Hakan Eyiden and Yeşim Dağlı artists of Denizli Municipal Conservatory took the stage and presented an unforgettable musical feast.

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