Fire Service Week

Fire Service Week is celebrated with various activities in Denizli.
Program began with placing the wreath to Ataturk Monument in front of Denizli Municipality. Mustafa Gökoğlan deputy mayor, fire brigade and volunteer students-firefighters of Primary Schools attended the program. Mustafa Gökoğlan laid a wreath at the Atatürk monument. He pointed out the importance of Fire Brigade.
After the program, Deputy Mayor, fire brigade and volunteer students-firefighters visited Mayor Zolan.
Mayor: 'Fire Brigade was established long before all departments, because firefighters are working to save lives and property of our citizens continuously. Today Denizli Municipality's Fire Brigade is the most powerful Fire Brigade of Turkey in every case. We are renewing our equipment constantly. We provide training to increase the motivation of our staff. Firefighters are continuously working to save lives and property of our citizens from floods, fires, traffic accidents and earthquakes. Fire Brigade is always ready to work in these situations. Today we are better than yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow will be even better.’
Within the activities, Fire Brigade Stand was opened. The devices, used in natural disasters and excavation works; devices used during drowning in a stream, river, lake and sea; devices used during the fire are exhibited here. Also photographs of traffic accidents and fires are also exhibited.
Fire and search and rescue exercises and training sessions will be held within the Fire Service Week.

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