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Magnificent Gala for Denizli Heroes

'Denizli Heroes' was staged for the first time with the participation of famous names.
Parade of the stars in Denizli

'Denizli Heroes' was staged for the first time with the participation of famous names. Denizli Governor Abdülkadir Demir, Mayor Osman Zolan, Denizli famous producer and director Osman Sınav, Emre Karayel, Emre Kızılırmak, Sarp Levendoğlu attended the premier of interactive musical theater. Mayor Zolan: 'Denizli continues to meet with firsts. Our purpose is to introduce Turkish heroes instead of alien heroes such as Spider Man, Ben Ten, Superman and Batman. There are many heroes. It is not a virtual but real heroes. Today we wanted to bring together children with our ancestors.
He thanked everyone who contributed to the theater. This project has been amateurish. We wanted our kids to were playing at this theater. I would like to thank everyone, especially Mehmet Çağrı Sebzeci and Uğur Yıldıran for this project. After speech, the premiere of the theater has began.

Who participated in the premiere?
Famous theater actors Sait Genay, Erdal Cindoruk, Uğur Bilgin, Mehmet Çepiç, Ruhi Sarı; famous character from the world of television Emre Karayel, best known for his portrayal of the character Ozan on the TV series 'A Female and A Male'; lead actor on TV series 'Memoli' Emre Kızılırmak; the lead actor of comedy program 'Laugh Laugh' Onur Buldu; protagonıst of a series 'Emret Komutanım' (At your Command) Sarp Levendoğlu; an indispensable actors of TV series Ferdi Kurtuldu, Erdem Baş; News Speaker on TRT Channel Seval Çöpür; The owner of TMC Mustafa Karahan and famous producer director Osman Sınav attended the gala.

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