Denizli Heroes Full Note

With the participation of famous names from the world of arts at the theatre scene, the interest for Denizli Heroes is increasing day by day.
The play is showing a grat interest especially for children and youth. The Municipal play, performed and attended by a large number of celebrities from the world of arts after the magnificent gala students from middle school and high school presented appreciation. Up to the high demand of Beltas stuff and exhibited play, took full note from the audience. Also The Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zola together with his daughters watched the play. At the end of the theatre play Mayor Osman Zolan congratulated the whole players and the technical team and gave the plaquettes.
Mayor Osman Zolan remembering that young people from Denizli played the first inter-activ play from Turkey, 'Another feature of the young people involved in the game from Denizli. Our aim is that our children and young people to know our own heroes instead of  taking role models from the imaginary heroes created by authors of other countries. Our heroes are real not imaginary. We have to learn to know about our roots and our forefathers. Our roots how long they are known and fed as stronger we'll be. For this reason I want to invite everybody to watch the play especially the children and young people', he said.
Then the young people involved at the play, took the plaques gave by Mayor Zolan. Prepared with the latest technological facilities the theatre play introduced Denizli's heroes like Servergazi, Merkez Efendi, Müftü Ahmet Hulusi Efendi ve Fatma Yıldız. Denizli's play is aimed to move us abroad acquiring future generations of heroes. Thus children and youth, instead of imaginary heroes such as batman, superman, barbie, are learning the struggle of their ancestors for their nowadays living freely.

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