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Students of Servergazi High School Met Servergazi

Denizli Municipality recently prepared and holding the premiere with the participation of famous names, 'Denizli Heroes' interactive musical play performed this time for Servergazi High School students.

Nearly 600 students from Servergazi High School, watched the play winded.
Shortly before, famous names from the world of film, theater, television and the media attended the premiere Denizli Heroes continues to show for the city's high school students.The play prepared with latest technology opportunities, has been created to carry to future generations the Denizli's history heroes such as Servergazi, Merkez Efendi, Müftü Ahmet Hulusi Efendi and Fatma Yıldız. Prepared as a result of intensive work, costumes, lighting and sound effects, the play made you feel immediately the difference and received a great acclaim by the students. The game was often applauded by the students. Teenagers watching the play remembered again the forgotten real heroes and the students from Servergazi Hight School met with Servergazi again. The students of Servergazi High School said they heard the heroes names before but didn't meet them. With this play they had the chance to meet them closer and they said it is the firs time when they are watching this kind of play. The teachers thanked Denizli Municipality and Mayor Osman Zola for such a successful project was signed.
The inter-active musical theater play continue to play every day.


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