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11th Month Of Ramadan Festivities Began

Denizli Municipality in the month of Ramadan made Denizli to be an enviable beauty prepared for those who says 'where are the Ramadan months from our days' and during one month-long Ramadan Festivities began.
 Denizli Municipality is organizing Ramadan Festivities every year and this year again gave the citizens unforgettable entertainment organizing different events. Thousands of people on the first day of Ramadan, came at Iftar tents built by the Municipality of Denizli and after the call to prayer, praying, opened their fast. Every day, approximately 5,000 people will continue to open break his fast in these tents. In the first day of Ramadan Denizli Governor Abdulkadir Demir, Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan and the President of Chamber of Commerce Necdet Ozer break their fast at the tent. Denizli Municipality is making lemonade distribution in eight different mosque every day at the same time. With the brilliantly illuminated mosques we realize that the 11th month of Ramadan Festivities began. 
Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan share the joys of the month of Ramadan participating in the organized programs together with the citizens. Mayor Zolan opened his fast in the Iftar tent together with the citizens, made the namaz prayers in the mosque and than talked to citizens. Mayor Zolan after full of friendship Ramadan talks coming to Incilipınar Park participated to festivities and met with the people. Mayor Zolan congratulated the months of Ramadan to everyone who participated in the firs day and for those who can not join the program through a live broadcast of the TV screens.
Organized every year by Denizli Municipality Ramadan Festivities will take place this year in Incilipınar Park and Justice Park.
The festivities began with one more beautiful than the other programs. The first day events that performed in both parks in a spectacular environment took a great acclaim. Those who came in Incilipınar Park spent the night in a Ramadan month befitting. Especially participating in different activities prepared for children entertained a lot. In the first day program of Ramadan Denizli Municipality Mehteran Team performed its show. Saying the beautiful anthems overnight everyone gave full points with their applause. About 1 hour long program of month of Ramadan passed the enviable beauty of Denizli. Thousands of people showed great interest in the event and those who could not find a seat, watched the program by filling in the grass on each side of the park. 
The other month of Ramadan Festivities captivated the audience in Justice Park. Oğuzhan Mehteran Team with the beautiful heroic ballads and marches added a different color into the night. Whirling Dervish team impressed the audience with their shows.
The festivities from Incilipınar and Justice Park will continue throughout the month of Ramadan.

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