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Ramadan Festivities Continue

Ramadan Festivities organized by Denizli Municipality continue with various activities in Incilipınar and Justice Park.
The address of this year's festivities, Incilipınar Park and Justice Park, at the festivities that held every day with a different event, Oğuzhan Mehteran Team and Semazen Team together with Sedat Uçan took the stage in Justice Park. Concerts and shows that took place in the events, was greatly appreciated by the citizens. At the activities from Incilipınar Park Denizli Municipality Mehteran Team together with Denizli Municipality Conservatory took the stage. The Whirling Dervishes(Semazenler) added a distinctive beauty to the night. On one hand the music playing, on the other hand the lights and water dances captivated everyone. With a rhythm of harmony the water shows from Incilipınar Park attracted the attention of all the citizens. Children participating in the event as they wished had enjoy being child.
In the meantime, the Municipality of Denizli, in the month of Ramadan will bring together many stars artists to the citizens as part of the festivities.
The remaining part of the activities, stars like Zekai Tunca, İbrahim Sadri, İkbal Gürpınar, Taha, Bedirhan Gökçe and Laçin Band together with Denizli Municipality Conservatory's artists Yeşim Dağlı, İsmail Barkan, Ozanlar Aşık Ayten Gülçınar, Ozan Nihat, Sadi Cesuroğlu, Ümit-Pınar Bulut, Alpaslan Kaya, Reşat Muhtar, Sami Özer, Agah, Selim Öztaş Music Club, Recep Demirparmak, Muhammed Emin Ayaz, Sami Özer, Ahmet Algün, Oğuzhan Mehter Team, Elmaskalem Band, Kevser Kız İlahi Group, Sadi Cesuroğlu and Dr Ubeydullah Sezikli will take the stage.
In the meantime, the Municipality of Denizli did not limited the activities of the month of Ramadan. Everyday when distribute lemonade in eight different mosques, the mosques glaringly lit. In the iftar tent everyday five thousands people after reading Ezan are opening together their fasting.

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