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Acıpayam Excited With Ramadan Festivities

The Ramadan enthusiasm organized by Denizli Municipality in the districts continued in Acıpayam District. Thousands of people showed great interest in festivities filling out the Acıpayam Bazaar Square.
The Ramadan Festivities organized by Denizli Municipality continues not only in the city center but in all districts, too. Held everyday in a different district, Ramadan festivities continued in Acıpayam.
Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan, Mayor of Acıpayam Hulusi Şevkan, Deputy Mayors Mustafa Gökoğlan, Ali Değirmenci and Mahmud Güngör together with thousands of Acıpayam citizens joined the festivities. Mayor Zolan and his retinue prayed in Acıpayam Central Mosque. Then, after chatting for a while with the citizens in Salih Tanyeli Park, Mayor Zolan tasted the county specific snowy sherbet prepared. Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan appealing to Acıpayam's citizens came at the festivities celebrated everyone for Ramadan. Thousands of people participated in the festivities. Noting that together with Metropolitan across the province will give large services, Mayor Zolan said: ''Ramadan be blessed. We are happy to be with you in this beautiful month, in this beautiful day. Firstly I would like to thank to our Mayor Hulusi Şevkan for hosted us in Acıpayan and made this organization to become true. We provided to prepare this programme for you. You gave us power, claiming values you came here. I wish you a blessed Ramadan. The fasts you kept, the prayers you made to get accepted with the best recompense. I wish God will keep going these beauties living in unity and solidarity. I hope that together with Denizli's becoming metropolitan we'll be able to do beautiful things in Acıpayam. We will work together to provide you the best service. What will be in the center of Denizli, it will be in Acıpayam and in the villages, too.'' The Mayor of Acıpayam Hulusi Şevkan, ''We are excited to welcome you here our mayor Osman. I would like to endless thank to art lovers team as well as the team which took part in the event. I wish all of you a blessed Ramadan, ''he said.
At Ramadan festivities held in Acıpayam County, Denizli municipality Mehteran Team took the stage first. The Mehteran sang each more beautiful march and heroic ballads. The people from Acıpayam showed great interest in festivities. Thousands of people joining the events filled the place in a very short time. On the one hand festivities organized by Denizli Municipality continues, on the other hand Denizli Municipality prepared for the children from Acıpayam a variety of treats. Children saturated with cotton candy and putty during the night. In the meantime Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan distributed gifts to children as T-shirts, coloring books and coloring pencils. The Mehteran Team, which took the stage for 45 minutes, conquered the hearts of Acıpayam' citizens with their beautiful marches and heroic ballads sang.
After Mehteran, the inter-active theater play named Denizli Heroes marked by theater actors, entertained the children. Actors with their costumes, with their play succeeded to attract the attention of the children. Many children perhaps met for the first time with theatre thank to Denizli Municipality.

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