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Music Feast In Incilipınar Park and Justice Park

Denizli Municipality under the Ramadan activities, the Turkish art music concerts of our master voice Zekai Tunca attracted a musical feast in Incilipınar Park and Justice Park.
The Ramadan activities organized by Denizli Municipality is in full swing. As part of the events Denizli Municipality hosted very famous guests and this weekend it hosted the master voice of Turkish Art Music, Zekai Tunca.
At the same address of activities, Incilipınar Park and Justice Park the master voice of Turkish Art Music Zekai Tunca met with the art lovers. The master voice saw great interest from the fans.
The event held in Incilipınar Park was attended by Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan, Denizli Deputy Nihat Zeybekci, Mehmet Yüksel and Nurcan Dalbudak.
At the end of the concert Mayor Zolan was invited on the stage by members of the protocol and the audience and in his speech he celebrated everyone for the month of Ramadan and invited everybody in the first day of holiday at 13:30 o'clock in Çınar Square for the feast greetings.
The Turkish Art Music master voice Zekai Tunca won the love of the people. Mayor Zolan expressed he is happy to welcome a voice like Zekai Tunca and thanked him for such a beautiful concert.
Denizli is feeling in every aspect the holy Ramadan, stated Denizli Deputy Zeybekci and celebrated Mayor Zolan and Denizli Municipality for carried out of Ramadan activities and thanked to artist Zekai Tunca for the beautiful concert.

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