They were enchanted

In the framework of Ramadan activities organized by Denizli Municipality in weekend, the poet Ibrahim Sadri in Justice Park, the voice of Turkish Sufi Music Sami Özer in Incilipınar Park, were enchanted thousands of Denizli's citizens.
Part of activities for the month of Ramadan established by Denizli Municipality in weekend in Justice Park and Incilipınar Park two famous names entertained. The Turkish Classical Music veteran Sami Özer in Incilipınar Park, Poet Ibrahim Sadri in Justice Park gave a memorable evening for thousands of Denizli's citizens. Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan participated in the activities from both locations. In Incilipınar Park Mayor Zolan was invited on the stage from where he celebrated the thousands of residents who filled out the area. Mayor Zolan, expressing that they are very happy to host two important artists within the framework of the Ramadan activities in weekend, ''Dear Sami Özer in Incilipınar Park and Ibrahim Sadri in Justice Park we are very happy to welcome you. Tonight both artists with their performance will touch our souls. I would like to thank them for being with us, "he said. Mayor Zoan after he gave the appreciation plaque to Sami Özer he went to Justice Park where he participated to a concert of poetry held by Ibrahim Sadri.
Taking the stage in Justice Park and saying he has a great pleasure of being in Denizli, Ibrahim Sadri lived everybody a memorable evening with his poems. After the concert Mayor Zolan was invited on stage, ''I'm thanking very much to our artists for living us such a delightful evening in a such a beautiful place. This evening took us to another realm, "he said.Mayor Zolan gave to Ibrahim Sadri a plaque of appreciation.

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