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The Enthusiasm of Ramadan in Denizli's Districts

Ramadan Festivities organized by Denizli Municipality in 16 districts delighted the children and enthused the residents of the county who were saying 'Where are the Ramadan festivities from our times'.
The Ramadan Festivities organized by Denizli Municipality has spread not only in the city center but to all the districts. Begining in Çameli District Ramadan festivities continued enthusiastically in 15 districts and ended in Honaz District. During the activities Denizli Municipality Mehteran Band with the drama team offered shows in Acıpayam, Akköy, Babadağ, Baklan, Beyağaç, Bekilli, Bozkurt, Buldan, Çal, Çardak, Çameli, Çivril, Honaz, Sarayköy, Serinhisar and Tavas districts. Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan participated in all the activities from the districts. Deputy Mayors of Denizli Municipality Ali Değirmenci, Mahmud Göngör, Nilgün Ök, Mustafa Gökoğlan and Şamil Çınar together with the hosts, the districts mayors and governors and with the districts' residents became partners in the joy of Ramadan festivities. At the festivities Denizli Municipality Mehteran Band took the stage. They said beautiful and heroic songs. Citizens showed great interest in the festivities. Thousands of people joined the activities and filled the squares in a short time. Children, during the festivities lived the pleasure of being child. Eating cotton candy and paste during the night, children received from the mayor gifts as paint pen, coloring books and t-shirts. The second part of the festivities was taken by theater play for children. Some of the children were watching for the first time a theatre play and especially from the small ones received great acclaim. Many children had a lot of fun during the Ramadan festivities.

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