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Mayor Zolan At Ramadan Activities

Mayor of Denizli Municipality continued the intensive program of the month of Ramadan. Mayor Zolan, after the Ramadan meetings from Babadağlılar Neighborhood he attended the festivities from Incilipınar Park.
Mayor Zola, after the Taraweeh prayers met with the residents of Babadağlılar Neighborhood. At the meeting attended Deputy Mayors Mahmud Güngör, Mustafa Gökoğlan and Ali Değirmenci. Neighborhood residents showed great interest in the meeting. Mayor Zolan, ''When we came here before there were challenges and demands. We took notes that day. Many of demands have completed, the other continue to do so. We are trying to fulfill all the demands individual. We are trying to solve the problems on the way. First of all I would like to say I brought greetings with me from our Deputy Mr. Mehmet Yuksel. Yesterday evening we were together. I'm also bringing greetings from our Deputies Nihat Zeybekci, Bilal Uçar and Nurcan Dalbudak. However, I've come with good news. Here there was need a mosque. There are 2 days more until the Ramadan Feast. We tryed to be together with our citizens everyday in a different neighborhood. Today we are here together. After the meeting from Babadağlılar Neighborhood Mayor Zolan attended the festivities from Incilipınar Park.Here Denizli Municipality Conservatory Concert held the Classical whirling dervish performances and Mayor Zolan participated in the events. At the end of the show he presented plaques to the chef Selim Öztaş for the beautiful show.

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