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Feast Visit of Denizli Protocol

Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan, Deputy Governor Abdullah Acar, Deputies Bilal Uçar, Nurcan Dalbudak together with the protocol members visiting Denizli Rest Home, Orphanage and Kindergarten celebrated the holiday to children, youth and elderly people and prayed for the martyrs at the martyrdom.
Denizli protocol due to Ramadan Holiday visited the Rest Home, Orphanage, Kindergarten and martyrdom. At the feast visit participated Deputy Governor Acar, Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan with his wife Berrin Zolan as well as Denizli Deputies Bilal Uçar and Nurcan Dalbudak, members of the protocol together with the representatives of political parties and civil society organizations. The visit started with the Orphanage where the members of the protocol celebrated children for the feast. Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan gave the following opinion in his speech: ''You are valuable to us. You are our future. We'll continue to do our best for the preparation of your future. I'm sure in the future you'll be in the point that we are now. Educate yourself well and provide us with these beauties in the future. With this occasion I'm celebrating all of you for the feast, ''he said.
Denizli Deputies Bilal Uçar and Nurcan Dalbudak made a speech in which they celebrated the children for the feast. Denizli Deputy Governor Acar, ''I would like to celebrate all of you for the feast. It is good there are holidays. These unique values makes even more important the feelings of unity and solidarity. The future will be more difficult. It is a world of increased competition waiting for you. You need to work hard from today for it. We want you to succeed in your schools. We'll do everything we have to do but all the effort falls to you. I'm celebrating the feast to all of you, ''he said.
Later Mayor Zolan and the retinue celebrated the feast to teenagers distributing various gifts. Then the protocol visited the children from 0 to 6 years old remained in the Kindergarten and gave them several gifts. The joy of receiving gifts of the little ones worths everything. The next stop of the protocol was the rest home where they visited the residents of the Rest Home and Mayor Zolan celebrated them for the Ramadan Feast. Together with his wife berrin Zolan, Mayor Zolan distributed here several gifts. The members of the protocol made a speech where they celebrated the elders for the holy feast of Ramadan.
The last stop of Denizli protocol members was the military Martyrdom where they prayed and left cloves to the graves of martyrs. Than Mayor Zolan passed to police martyrdom where after they prayed left cloves on the martyrs graves.

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