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Commemoration Night of Mevlana from Denizli Municipality

Denizli Municipal Conservatory will commemorate the 740th anniversary of Mevlana by performing the 'Seb-i Arus' ceremony at the Central Indoor Sports Center.

In the first part of the ceremony Denizli Municipal Conservatory, Turkish Sufi Music Choir will give concert under the direction of Selim Öztaş which will be continued in the second part of the ceremony by Denizli Municipal Conservatory Whirling Dervish team which will present the audience an unforgettable evening. The event held at the Central Indoor Sports Center will begin at 20:00 pm.


Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi was born in Balkh on 30 September 1207. He was well known as a poat and a thinker in the western world and Islam. This year is celebrated the 740th anniversary of Mevlada's death. Since 740 years Mevlana gives emotion and spirit
to our nation. The greatest message he gave to human thinking was Love and Unity.
Mevlana does not deny anything, but combines, integrates and endears everything. Mevlana doesn't see anyone separately. With the principles that human creatures are the most honorable in every language, every religion, every color embracing Hz. Mawlana is a symbol of love, peace, brotherhood and tolerance. Mevlana was accepted the day of death as the day of rebirth, the day when will go to Allah. Mevlana passed away in Konya on December 17, 1273.

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