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Mayor Zolan participated to Ramadan activities held in Tavas

Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan attended the Ramadan events held in Tavas. Welcomed here with high interest and affection by his fellows, Mayor Zolan watched the concert of the famous artist Ahmet Özhan. Mayor Zolan promised they will protect every district, every village.

By carrying the Ramadan activities in the districts, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has lived all the citizens of Tavas an unforgettable night. Mayor of Denizli metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan has brought in Tavas the famous artist of Sufi music Ahmet Özhan. Mayor Zolan, Tavas Governor Ali Arıkan, Mayor of Tavas Municipality Turhan Veli Akyol, Mayor of Beyağaç and thousands of citizens attended the concert. In his speech here Mayor Zolan has remembered a word said here before March 30, ''We said that everything that is in the city center will also be in the districts. This is what we are doing now. I would like to thank our dear artist Ahmet Özhan for accepting our invitation to be near us in these holy days. We decided to meet the people of Tavas with our famous artist Ahmet Özhan. Tavas deserves such a beautiful night to share the spiritual atmosphere of the holy month of Ramadan. I would like to thank our master and famous artist Ahmet Özhan for delighting us with his beautiful songs tonight, ''he said.

"Tomorrow will be better than today"

Stating that Denizli Metropolitan Municipality will continue to protect the national and spiritual values, Mayor Zolan, ''Today, together with the Mayor of Tavas Municipality Turhan Veli Akyol we held events in the spirit of Ramadan. I hope Tavas will meet more beauties. I hope Tavas will be better tomorrow than today. I would like to celebrate you from now for the Kadir Night, ''he said. The artist Ahmet Özhan thanked Mayor Zolan for this beautiful night. After the speeches, the Mayor of Tavas Municipality  Turhan Veli Akyol gave to Mayor Zolan and the artist Ahmet Özhan a hand-woven scarf as a gift.

Denizli people flocked to İncilipınar and Adalet Park

On the other hand, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continues every day the Ramadan events in İncilipınar and Adalet Park with different activities. While the famous comedian Yavuz Seçkin took the stage with his stand-up performance in Adalet Park, in İncilipınar Park the famous artist Sami Özer gave a Sufi music concert. Deputy Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Ali Değirmenci presented a plaque to commemorate the night.

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