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Metropolitan increases corona measures

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continues to increase its measures against the coronavirus. Continuing the cleaning and disinfection activities in the metropolitan service areas, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality suspends its education, social, cultural, artistic and sports courses and activities until a second announcement.
 Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continues to increase the measures took against the coronavirus. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which carries out cleaning and disinfection activities in all metropolitan service points such as bus terminal, parks, recreation areas, cultural and sports facilities, used extensively by citizens, also introduces protective and preventive additional measures after the decisions taken by the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, such as vacationing schools, playing football matches without spectators. In this context, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality suspended all the sports courses given starting from Saturday, March 14, 2020, until a second announcement. In addition to the suspension of the courses, all sports facilities within the Metropolitan Municipality will remain closed until a second announcement. For more information about the new courses can be reached from Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Sports Center, İncilipınar Indoor Swimming Pool and Sports Complex and Yenişehir Sports Center.
Cultural and artistic activities stopped
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality announced that it will stop the social, cultural and artistic activities starting from Monday, March 16, 2020, in addition to sports courses. In this context, the activities of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Vocational Training Centers (DENMEK), which provide courses in 32 different branches at their facilities located in seven different points of Denizli, were stopped. Accordingly, the Historical Nuzhet Drive House, Atalar Houses, Yenişehir Ceramic Workshop, Yenişehir Handicraft and Handicraft Course Center, Gerzele Handicraft and Handicraft Course Center, Social Life and Culture Center and Bağbaşı Hand Skills and Course Center will be closed. The Drive House, Yenişehir and Gerzele Culture Houses, which serve to make the best use of the time of retired and elderly people, will also be kept closed for precautionary purposes.
Theater and all shows will be stopped
Within the scope of the coronavirus measures, the artistic activities that gather the citizens will be cancelled starting from March 16. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality will stop all shows and theatre plays of the City Theater and Young Denizli Theater Club until a second announcement. Also, the courses offered in all the clubs of Young Denizli will be suspended. While it is announced that all instrument courses and choral works at Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Conservatory will be stopped, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Folk Dance courses will also be on holiday.
Metropolitan educational institutions are also on vacation
The university exam preparation courses given by Denizli Municipality will also be suspended, like all educational institutions of the social activity centres starting from March 16 after the decision that all educational institutions in Turkey will be on holiday. University preparatory courses offered within the scope of the City Council Youth Assembly Hand in Hand for Education Project were also stopped until a second announcement. The Sign Language Course given by the Metropolitan Municipality City Council was holidayed and postponed to a later date.
Programs cancelled and delayed
On the other hand, it was stated that some concerts and programs where citizens will come together collectively have been cancelled or delayed due to coronavirus measures. In this context, the 18th Anniversary of the Martyrs Remembrance and the 105th anniversary of the Çanakkale Victory, the International Poetry to be organized by the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, Puppet and Children's Games Festival, and the City Poets Group on March 21, World Poetry Day recital program was cancelled. 27 March World Theater Day events and plays were postponed to a later date.
''The process is managed very well''
Stating that they increased the measures they took against the coronavirus the Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, Osman Zolan said, ''At our metropolitan service points, our cleaning and disinfection studies with biocidal products licensed by the Ministry of Health Public Health General Directorate continue. Reminding that many additional measures were taken against the coronavirus with the meeting held with the participation of all ministers and experts under the chairmanship of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Mayor Osman Zolan said that they also took additional measures as Metropolitan Municipality. Stating that citizens should remain calm and not be afraid of fear and panic, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''Fortunately, this process is managed very well in our country. We take the precautions that fall on us, and we strictly perform every step that needs to be taken. The health of our citizens is the most important to us. ''

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