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193 drilling in 6 years

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality DESKİ, which started new drilling works in 15 different points to meet the healthier and sufficient drinking water needs of citizens, opened 193 successful drinking water wells throughout the city since its foundation.
 Great investment in drinking water from Metropolitan DESKİ
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration (DESKİ) General Directorate continues its efforts to provide healthier and sufficient drinking water needs of citizens throughout the province. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality DESKİ Drinking Water Department, which has increased its measures against the decrease of the flow of drinking water sources due to drought in recent years, has also accelerated its drinking water drilling investments. In this context, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality DESKİ, which is continuing its new water resources research to avoid problems in drinking water supply, planned to open a new drinking water drilling well at 15 different points of the city.
Work started at 2 points
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality DESKİ started the drilling wells work in Serinhisar district and Gürpınar Neighbourhood of Çivril district. Following the successful drilling, the water samples taken from the wells will be analyzed according to the Regulation on Water for Human Consumption purposes, then the transmission lines will be laid and opened for the citizens' use.
''Life is not possible without water''
Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan stated that Metropolitan DESKİ realized many successful works since its establishment together with the Metropolitan. Mayor Zolan said, ''Water is indispensable for our life. Life is not possible without water. We are already taking precautions against the problems that may occur with the drought in recent years. To meet the needs of our citizens, we have drilled drinking water wells at 193 points. In this context, we will continue to respond to the needs of our citizens by opening 15 new drilling wells. ''

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