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Open Air Theater disinfected

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality disinfected the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Ziya Tıkıroğlu Open Air Theater before the theatre play titled ''Geç Kalanlar'', on Friday, July 10, 2020.
 Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Theater will meet the people of Denizli with the theatre play ''Geç Kalanlar'', on Friday, July 10, 2020, within the scope of the new normalization plan. Taking all measures for the play, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality disinfected the Open Air Theater with biocidal products licensed by the Ministry of Health Public Health General Directorate before the play. In this context, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality teams disinfected the tribune, stage, dressing rooms and entrances of the theatre, and planned the seating arrangement according to social distance. Spectators whose fever will be measured at the entrance of the theatre will also be required to wear masks.
Information and reservation
Written and directed by master actor Pervin Ünalp, the play ''Geç Kalanlar'' tells the story of a couple whose relationship ends and the reasons that lead the couple to separation. Art lovers who want to watch the play that will stage in 2 screens will be able to reach information, to make reservation and e-ticket transactions at the Çatalçeşme Theater Hall, Metropolitan Municipality Nihat Zeybekci Congress and Culture Center, Open Air Theater, and on the http://teater.denizli.bel.tr.

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