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Safer entrance with thermal tablets

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality added a new in the fight against the new type of coronavirus and placed thermal tablets at the facility entrances used by citizens. Thermal tablets that measure the temperature of the citizens without contact also warn people without a mask.
 Metropolitan added a new measure against coronavirus
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has been successfully working against the coronavirus (Covid-19) by taking important measures since the first day of pandemic started from Wuhan, city of China. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has added a new measure to its struggle. In this context, teams placed thermal tablets at the entrance of some of the Metropolitan Municipality facilities used extensively by the citizens. The first thermal tablets were placed at the main entrance of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Service Building, the main entrance and upper entrance of the Metropolitan Municipality Intercity Bus Terminal and the main entrance and the entrance to the wedding hall of the Metropolitan Municipality Nihat Zeybekci Congress Culture Center.
Entry without a mask is not allowed
While the temperature of citizens coming to the facilities is measured by thermal tablets, mask usage controls are automatically detected by the devices. Thermal tablets give the ''No mask'' sound warning when somebody without wearing the mask wants to enter the building. Thermal tablets, which measure the body temperature without contact, help the citizens to access the service points of the Metropolitan Municipality healthily and safely with sound alerts.

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