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First excavation in Yenişehir

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality DESKİ made the first excavation to completely renew the 40-year old drinking water lines of Yenişehir Neighbourhood.
 The 72-kilometre drinking water line change project, announced by the Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan has begun in Yenişehir Neighbourhood. With the new drinking water lines with an investment cost of 18 million Turkish liras, Yenişehir residents will no longer experience drinking water cuts. Instead of the old drinking water lines in Yenişehir Neighbourhood, installed 40 years ago, drinking water pipes following TSE and ISO standards called ''ductile'' began to be laid. The new drinking water pipes with a lifetime of over 100 years show high resistance to corrosion and are more resistant to impacts. With the project planned to be completed in about six months, Yenişehir residents will have access to drinking water with healthier and modern lines.
As we promised ...
Denizli Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan said that they have started to replace the old drinking water lines of Yenişehir Neighbourhood. Stating that drinking water cuts due to frequent water bursts will end in Yenişehir, Mayor Zolan said, ''Fortunately, as we promised, we made the first excavation and started our project. Hopefully, we will complete it on time and put our modern drinking water lines into our citizens' service. ''Noting that the lifetime of the pipes laid for the new drinking water lines is over 100 years, Mayor Zolan said, ''Our citizens will use this investment for more than 100 years. Hopefully, the grandchildren of our grandchildren will benefit from this service. We will continue to leave works for the future. ''

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