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Disinfection attack in districts from Metropolitan

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continues the disinfection campaign in the districts in the context of Covid-19 measures. Metropolitan teams carried out disinfection studies in workplaces in 19 districts of Denizli after Merkezefendi and Pamukkale districts.
 Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which continues the measures against coronavirus (Covid-19) from the first day of the pandemic process, also carries out disinfection work in the districts. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality teams disinfect all workplaces in Acıpayam, Babadağ, Baklan, Bekilli, Beyağaç, Bozkurt, Buldan, Çal, Çameli, Çardak, Çivril, Güney, Honaz, Kale, Sarayköy, Serinhisar and Tavas districts after Merkezefendi and Pamukkale. Hygiene studies carried out in workplaces with virucidal biocidal products licensed by the Ministry of Health, General Directorate of Public Health. Disinfection studies completed in about three weeks by six different teams of 12 people. The tradesmen were very pleased with this work.
''Mask, distance and hygiene''
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan said that they continue the measures they have taken against the epidemic and that every step taken is for a healthier city. Mayor Zolan that they disinfected all the workplaces in Denizli centre and that works are going on. Mayor Zolan said they also carried out hygiene studies in workplaces in 17 district centres after Merkezefendi and Pamukkale. Asking the citizens to continue to follow the mask, distance and hygiene rules with precision Mayor Zolan said: ''I hope we will overcome the epidemic together and to have better and healthier days. We will continue to serve this beautiful city by embracing everyone without discrimination. May Allah makes our tomorrow more beautiful than today. ''

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