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Historical record from Metropolitan DESKİ

The depth of the drilling wells opened by Metropolitan DESKİ, which made great efforts to provide healthier and sufficient drinking water to Denizli people, has exceeded 32 km. Adding a total of 4.000 lt / sec water to the system out of 220 boreholes opened in 6 years, Metropolitan DESKİ set another unique record.
 Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration (DESKİ) General Directorate continues to invest against drought-related decreases in water flows in recent years. The Metropolitan DESKİ General Directorate, which made great efforts to provide healthier and sufficient drinking water to Denizli people, drilled 193 boreholes between 2014 and 2019 and added a total of 3 thousand 623 lt / sec water to the system. Metropolitan DESKİ, which continues to invest in drinking water in 2020, has added 27 more boreholes last year due to the decrease in drought-related water flows. However, the Metropolitan DESKİ General Directorate has drilled 220 boreholes since the day it started its activities and excavated at a depth of 32,011 meters in total during these works. The total water flow rate obtained with the excavations since 2014 has reached 4,000 lt / s.
Metropolitan DESKİ added 323.3 lt / sec water to the system in 2020
Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan said that Metropolitan DESKİ broke a unique record with its drinking water drilling well investments. Noting that 323.3 lt / sec of water was obtained from 27 boreholes drilled last year, Mayor Zolan said they are working day and night to provide sufficient drinking water to citizens. Drawing attention on the drought that has been felt more recently, and warning citizens to use water more economically, Mayor Zolan said, ''Water is life, it is impossible to live without water. We work day and night and take precautions, but our citizens should also use water more economically. ''
If 60 per cent of water leaks were continuing ...
Reminding that the drinking water loss rate was 60 per cent due to the old infrastructure lines of Denizli and that more than half of the water put into the drinking water tanks mixed with the soil, Mayor Zolan said, ''If we hadn't started work on the city's infrastructure and wouldn't have changed our drinking water lines completely, and if water leakages were continuing as in the past, we couldn't provide regular water to our city today. We thought of our future and started our infrastructure works. We made historical investments. Fortunately, our citizens also showed patience and support. We understand the value of these investments much better today. We are happy to begin the infrastructure project and to make these investments. ''

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