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Denizli's first national struggle martyrdom from Metropolitan

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality immortalizes the graves of 83 citizens cremated and killed during the Greek occupation on April 2, 1921, with a mausoleum. The mausoleum made in the Cabar neighbourhood of Çivril district will be Denizli's first national struggle martyrdom. The opening ceremony will take place on April 02, 2021, exactly 100 years after the massacre.
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality will immortalize the graves of 83 people who were burned and killed by the Greek occupation forces during the War of Independence with a mausoleum. Starting from Izmir in 1919, the Greek armies invaded Western Anatolia and carried out many massacres while fleeing after the Great Offensive. On April 2, 1921, a massacre took place in the Cabar Village of Denizli's Çivril district, which was occupied by the Greek armies. 100 years ago, Greek soldiers burned and killed 83 people, including children, old and young women, in Cabar Village. The burial place of the citizens buried after the massacre, on April 2, 1921, was recently found with the efforts of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality and Turkish Hearths Denizli Branch.
The opening ceremony on the 100th anniversary of the massacre
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan proposed to build a mausoleum for the 83 Turks martyred in the massacre 100 years ago. While the martyrdom works were continuing, Mayor Zolan stated that the mausoleum would be the first national struggle martyrdom of Denizli. The opening ceremony of martyrdom will be on April 2, 1921, exactly 100 years after the massacre. Stating that the Greek occupation forces carried out great persecution in the Çivril, Güney and Buldan regions during the War of Independence, Mayor Zolan said that one of them was in Cabar Village.
''We won't forget, we won't let to be forgotten''
Emphasizing that they will never let the Turkish nation to forget the injustice and cruelty done in the past, as in the Khojaly Genocide Monument they built for the massacre in Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh, Mayor Zolan said, ''We won't forget, and we won't let our citizens murdered in Cabar, including children, women and elderly people to be forgotten. We will continue to protect our past. ''

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