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372 cartoonists from 48 countries competed with 829 works

Great interest in Metropolitan Municipality’s international cartoon contest. 372 cartoonists from 48 countries competed with 829 works in the 1. International Cartoon Contest which is organized internationally by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality this year.
The topics of the contest were determined as Climate Change and Organic Agriculture. 372 cartoonists with 829 works competed in the contest from 48 countries across the world such as the USA, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, Brazil, Peru, Mexico and Australia. The contest, which is open to all amateur and professional cartoonists, has a jury formed by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General: Serhat Akbulut, Head of Culture and Social Affairs Department: Hüdaverdi Otaklı, Director of Culture and Art: Arif Duru, Cartoonists: Abdülkadir Uslu, Mehmet Selçuk, Altan Özeskici, Ali Şur, Kübra Deligöz, Şevket Yalaz and Savaş Ünlü. By coming together, the jury members evaluated the works one by one. 
In the category of 18 years and over of the contest, the work of Constantin Sunnerberg from Belgium was chosen as first, second one was the work of Borislav Stankovic from Serbia and from Turkey Mümin Durmaz’s work was third. In addition, Ömer Çam (from Turkey), Vahid Alimohamadi (from Iran) and İman Navri Najafi (from Iran) respectively won  Honorable Mention Prizes.In the category  of  under 18 years old , the works of  Emre Çakıl and İlke Bekdeş (both from Turkey) were deemed worthy of an award. The date of prize-giving ceremony of the contest will be announced later.  
Cartoonist raised awareness with their works about Climate Change and Organic Agriculture
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan said that the interest in Denizli Metropolitan Municipality's 1.International Cartoon Contest which was carried out this year at an international level made them happy. Mayor Zolan emphasised that the works were sent by participants from 48 countries along with Turkey. He also stated each of participants with one more beautiful than  other works remarked the topics of Climate Change threatening the whole world and Organic Agriculture. Moreover, he added participants would raise awareness because of their cartoons. Finally, Mayor Zolan thanked all cartoonists. 

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