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Another first from Metropolitan

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality signed a collaboration protocol with Denizli Commodity Exchange to build the Denizli Central Licensed Warehousing Facility, vital for our producers. Emphasizing that they will realize another first in Denizli, Mayor Zolan said, ''We will continue to support our productive people. ''
 Producer-friendly Metropolitan
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality and Denizli Commodity Exchange (DTB) signed a protocol regarding the construction of Denizli Central Licensed Warehousing Facility, built to bring the grain, oilseed and pulses produced by farmers to the country's economy. This facility is a significant step in the transformation of agricultural products into food. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan, Chairman of DTB Board of Directors İbrahim Tefenlili, Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary-General Ali Aydın and Serhat Akbulut and DTB Board Members attended the signing ceremony held at Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. DTB Chairman Tefenlili said that the construction of the Denizli Central Licensed Warehousing Facility is vital in Denizli's agricultural production that concerns the farmers engaged in production in Denizli. Stating that this cooperation is crucial, DTB Chairman Tefenlili thanked Mayor Zolan for his great effort and support in the protocol.
Tefenlili: ''It will serve our farmers for many years''
Stating that the facility whose construction will start with the protocol will serve Denizli for many years, Tefenlili said, ''This protocol we made as Denizli Metropolitan Municipality and DTB, is of interest to all our producers. When the facility would become operational, a licensed warehouse will be built, where all our producers can store their products. This protocol will serve our farmers for many years. A permanent facility is an issue that concerns all our farmers in Denizli. We thank our Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, Mr Osman Zolan. I hope this facility will remain in history as permanent work in our city.
Mayor Zolan: ''We contribute strongly''
Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Zolan pointed out that they shared the excitement of the DTB Board Chairman İbrahim Tefenlili and the members of the board of directors as soon as they brought the issue to them. Emphasizing that they achieved another first in Denizli, Mayor Zolan said, ''We sign the licensed warehousing protocol with DTB, which will make a great contribution to the agriculture of Denizli. Today is a significant day for us. This project makes us very happy. As Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, we strongly contribute to our Denizli Center Licensed Warehousing Facility. I hope we will complete this work together with Denizli Commodity Exchange. ''
No product loss
Emphasizing that the facility, which will enable farmers to sell their products healthily without losing value, is of vital importance, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''Our farmers, who produce in Denizli with the facility, will gain great benefits. The facility will be an investment in terms of storing products under suitable conditions. Our farmers will not have to take their products from their hands immediately. The products will be healthily stored in the facility, and the producers will be able to make sales with their documents. In addition, with these warehouses, our farmers will not have to dispose of their products immediately due to the narrow space. I am happy to break new ground in Denizli. We will continue to support our productive people. Good luck already. I hope our tomorrow will be better than today. '' After the speech, Mayor Zolan and Chairman Tefenlili signed the protocol.
Denizli Central Licensed Warehousing Facility
With the signed protocol, Denizli Central Licensed Warehousing Facility will be built in Sarıabat Neighbourhood of Tavas district. The facility will have 16 flat bottom silos, two conical silos, an elevator pit, one base and intermediate tunnels, one porch, one drying foundation, a lift, a weighbridge, a fire water pump room and administrative buildings.

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