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Applause to Metropolitan

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Street Animals Shelter and Rehabilitation Center teams saved the four baby squirrels about to die when they were brought to the centre. The veterinarians of the Metropolitan Municipality, who filled the syringes with milk and fed the babies that were only 1-1.5 months old, received great applause.
 Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Street Animals Shelter and Rehabilitation Center, which carries out the care and treatment of sick, injured, and mistreated street animals, continue to give a hand of compassion to the wild nature. In this context, the centre saved four tiny squirrels clinging to life like a miracle. About 2.5 weeks ago, a sensitive citizen in Korucuk Neighbourhood found four baby squirrels, wet and exhausted, in the cavity of a piece of wood lying on the ground. The squirrels, which were about 1-1.5 months old, were brought to Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Street Animals Shelter and Rehabilitation Center to be treated by the Nature Conservation National Parks Branch Directorate. After the first control made here, it was determined that the baby squirrels were hungry for a long time, and it was estimated that their mother died.
Their adaptation to natural life will be followed
The squirrels started to be treated immediately, and they were fed with milk by the veterinarians of the Metropolitan Municipality for a while because they were very small. Later, the squirrels, who started eating nutrients such as walnuts, hazelnuts and fruits, regained their health after more than two weeks of treatment. The little squirrels were left to their natural environment after the wooden nests built for them was placed on the trees in their living areas. The baby squirrels will be followed up in their natural environment for a while.
Veterinarian Alkaya: ''We thank our sensitive citizens''
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Street Animals Shelter and Rehabilitation Center Veterinarian Elvan Alkaya stated that the exhausted baby squirrels started their treatment immediately after they were brought to them. Stating that they intervene in the wild, sick, injured, and accident-affected animals in addition to street animals, Alkaya said, ''We put the baby squirrels under protection. We raised them and made beautiful nests for them, and we left them in their natural habitats. We will continue to follow up daily. We will follow their accustoming to nature for a while. We thank our sensitive citizens. ''
Mayor Zolan: ''Every life is important to us''
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan said that the facility, which serves the street animals in advanced conditions and is an example for Turkey, sometimes extends a hand of compassion to the wild nature. Pointing out that the baby squirrels receive treatment and care, Mayor Zolan said, ''We are entrusted with all the creatures created by our Great Mevlana. Every life is very precious to us. In this context, we need to protect and take care of all living beings. Because this world is for all of us, we should never forget this. I would like to thank our veterinarians and sensitive citizens who contributed. ''

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